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Cigar Navi とは?
Cigar Navi is the largest cigar information site in Japan.
Cigar Map is one of the content, and posted user of everyone using the actual shops of opinions and impressions as review information, it is to help people find the shop in the ranking order, "simply by allowing interlocking position information and map - It is convenient to more can enjoy a cigar "reliable world's first cigar social site.

Viewing environment

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Function that can be used when you member registration
Can view a members-only article of Cigar Navi, Cigar Map reviews and image posting feature is available.
And, there is a chance that cigar gift hits monthly lottery just become a member.
ow to register the Cigar Venue
The header part " Cigar Venue to register " It is possible to register than button.
*The registration requires a membership registration.
How to fix Cigar Venue information
If you want to modify the Cigar Venue information, please procedure than "Edit is here" at the Cigar Venue bottom of the page of the relevant.
Notes Please refer to the review guidelines about editing the Cigar Venue information.
If Cigar Venue had been closed and the transfer and leave
Select the appropriate Cigar Venue bottom of the page "closed-closed, transfer and duplication of reporting", filling in a necessary item, please contact us.
If you've posted a review the wrong Cigar information of Venue
Move the reviews management side, or so I delete, please contact us from the inquiry form.
In that case, please tell us about the following items.
  • Wrong Cigar Venue name of you happen to post a review, the pages of the URL
  • Correct post destination Cigar Venue name of a page of the URL
How to post a review
Reviews, it can be done from the "Review" button on the top right corner of the page of each Cigar Venue.
Please try the post in the following way.
  • Set scoring, budget, situations, etc., to enter the review body
  • After entering the body is finished, click the "confirmation screen" button at the bottom of the screen
  • Make sure that there is no problem with the content and click the "registration and update (published)" button
It should be noted that, when it is post a review, please compliance with the review guidelines.
How to post pictures
When you post a review, you can simultaneously post the image.
You also can post the image only in the review.
Post sample

Step 1

Cigar Venue page, click on the "picture post" button at the bottom of the store name, and then open the photo post window.

Post sample

Step 2

Once the photos posted window opens, click on the "select a file" and select the image.
When you select the image, file names and thumbnails are displayed.

Post sample

Step 3

If correct is the selected image, and enter the "Description of the image".

If it is good all, please click on the "post" button.
Above, it is the completion of the photos posted.

Revised April 10, 2015