Privacy Policy

NOTE: These Terms of Use (“these Terms”) was originally written in Japanese, but has been translated by into English for our users’ convenience and reference purposes. Should the contents of this Privacy policy conflict with the original Japanese version, the Japanese version controls.

ZEQOO Co., Ltd. (the Company), we will send at the time of inquiry personal information (address, name, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) With regard to, do the proper and safe management. Their information is stored securely, and strive to its protection so that leakage or falsification of data does not occur. Make the appropriate management and measures to pay maximum attention for the protection of personal information, and strive to its protection.
Use of personal information
We, along with the fact that you do business, but to get the personal information that is required on the business operations, these personal information will be used for the purpose of following.

Confirmation and response to a query by e-mail
Investigation of such questionnaire
Matters necessary for the project implementation of our
Necessary support towards the resolution of conflict and dispute
IP address

Improvement of this web site, you can collect the IP address of the user for management. There is no possible to identify an individual from the IP address. If the setting of "Cookie (cookie)" of your browser have been made, we will use this to improve the site, for the sake of management. Cookie settings can be changed in your browser settings for each user. Never to identify individuals from cookies.
The scope of the Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy This web site is set will be applied in all of the pages this web site. However, if you move from and links to other web sites linked (destination) are subject to the privacy policy decided on by the web site. Read the privacy policy of each destination web site, on the understanding, it is recommended that you use.
Disclosure of personal information
This Web site, published a personal information to outside, not be disclosed. However, if you received a formal inquiry on the basis of the law from public institutions such as courts and police, or, if you want to protect our rights, if the third party's rights, property, honor has been infringed, public specifically if it is contrary to order, you may want to notify the information to the relevant third party and the police and public institutions or related institutions.